License Casual Games For Your Brand

Do you need casual games for your business? We have over 100 casual games, ready to be licensed.

Our games work on any platform. They can be white labelled. They are also customizable according to your needs.

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Why license our games?

  • Provide a fun experience for your users

    Our are games fun, engaging and memorable.

  • Generate revenue (optional)

    Generate revenue by placing ads in and around the game.

  • Enhance your brand image

    Place brand elements in the game

  • Deploy everywhere

    Our HTML5 games work on smartphones,tablets, desktops, and laptops.

  • Customizable

    We can customize all aspects of the game, such as visual artwork and game rules.

  • Support

    We provide tech support on a regular basis



Try our brand new game

Millionaire Quiz is a game-show style trivia game



Who's working with us

Disney Phineas & Ferb

Disney approached us to build a tower defense game, leveraging the hit TV show Phineas & Ferb. Players build defensive structures along Phineas & Ferb's backyard, to thwart minions sent by Dr Heinz Doofenshmirtz.


Amazon K-12

We helped Amazon adapt our casual games for their K-12 learning platform. Our games are now integrated in hundreds of schools and districts in the US.


Budlight Beer Bottle Cap

Budlight tasked us with creating a game for their outdoor marketing campaign. Players are asked to tap on branded bottle caps falling down vertically. Winners are awarded real prizes.


Citibank and Hilton Hotels

We helped develop an engaging Match-3 memory game for the Citi ® Hilton HHonors program. Players match the same cards to reveal a real-world prize.


Air Asia

We worked with Air Asia, the top budget airline in Asia to deliver casual games for their 100 million passengers. Now everyone can play games at 35,000 feet.


Why work with us?

  • 1

    Size does not matter

    We cater to clients of all sizes. From publicly-traded companies to SMEs, we cover the entire spectrum.

  • 2

    End-to-end solution

    We can design, develop, qualify, and even deploy the games for you. We cover all aspects of the game's lifecycle.

  • 3

    Technical support

    Support is one of the most important things to ensure the game works great, at all times. We provide support at all levels.

  • 4

    Quality assurance

    All games go through our robust QA system, spanning multiple devices and platforms.

  • 5

    Globally sourced innovation

    We believe on innovation coming from all parts of the world. We have a network of over 1000 creative people worldwide, who contribute to making the game great.

  • 6

    We're personal, and we're fast

    Business is always personal. We'll be at every step of the way, helping you navigate your requirements.

One stop solution - Design, development, QA and deployment

Regular updates

Dedicated support team

Frequently Asked Questions

How does the licensing process work?

Tell us which games you're interested to license. Don't forget to list down any additional requirements. We'll come back to you with a price quote. If everything is agreeable, we'll prepare an invoice and deliver the games upon payment.

Do you provide reskin services?

Yes. For an additional fee, we're able to change some aspects of the game. This includes visual and audio elements, as well as the game design and logic. The fee typically depends on how much additional work needs to be done, to fulfill your requirements.

I'd like to collect information from my users, such as name and email address. Is this possible?

Yes, we can build a simple lead generation system. A window would pop-up at a certain point in the game, asking users to enter their data.  View example

Can you build a leaderboard into the game?

For an additional fee, we can build simple high score leaderboard at the end of each game. The leaderboard would show the high scores obtained by your users.

Can the games be converted into native iOS or Android APK?

Yes, we have in-house technology to do so. Since the games are written in HTML5, we are able to convert them into native iOS and Android builds.

Can you build a custom game from scratch?

Absolutely. Large clients tend to request this, because they already have a game design/mechanic in mind. Feel free to send us your game design document, and we'll come back with a quote.

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We respond within 12 hours

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